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Urban Renewal 

  • 2015年底由赵晖与汪湘君共同创建于北京,是一个专注于城市更新、建筑再生、空间改造的设计事务所。

Founded in Beijing at the end of 2015, HUI-YIN is a small design firm specializing in urban renewal, building restoration and space renovation.

  • 回囙关注城市与建筑设计中的人文、情感、自然等因素,基于建筑学的方式去思考并解答每一个场所最核心的问题;用建筑、景观、室内的一体化设计方法,重组室内外完整的空间体验感,激活建筑的可持续的空间价值。

HUI-YIN cares about the humanities, emotions, and nature in urban and architectural design process, responses to core questions of each project by thinking architecturally. HUI-YIN always  approaches the design by integrating architecture, landscape and interior all together, in order to elevate the spatial experience of indoor and outdoor and enhance the sustainable value of  the building.


Building Restoration


Space Renovation

  • 回囙已在北京、上海已顺利设计完成多个城市更新类落地项目,以办公和教育类建筑改造为主,并在不断拓展设计的类型边界。

HUI-YIN has successfully accomplished several urban redevelopment projects in Beijing &Shanghai , focusing on office and educational building renovation, and constantly expands the boundary of project categories

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